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>> police officers are still on the scene with a live report on a shooting. police and and they are are asking for your help. one fatal accident has left a person dead on southbound 680. we do have a live report coming up. following the traffic updates. i just spoke with the california highway patrol and they stated that they have made significant price progress. they are still somewhat in a dilemma for opening up the freeway. the incident at which you are looking dead was just north of stone
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ridge. this traffic that is getting by does not represent an opening to the freeway. the chp are just trying to get all the cars that were and the back up. the corners band did just arrived on the scene and this gives motorists good news. the corners man has arrived and chp has opened up this side of the traffic. they were stuck back it 680 and we are starting to see the end of the back up here. i did talk to is chp officer and he stated that around 3:30 a.m. and pedestrian was struck and killed by at least one car on 680. they deny have no idea of the circumstances.
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they are conducting their investigation and once the corner takes the body away they still have more work to do. the fire department will have to come off and clean up the roadway. the chp officer thought that it will probably take about a number hour but we will see the total south bond area open up. let's take a look at the traffic map just show you the location once again. >> the closure this this at interstate 580. westbound 580 is backed up all the way to our mont. from foothill
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to stone ridge them back onto the freeway. the impact is already quite severe here. the drive time is about 24 to 28 minutes at this time but it has raised up to 41 minutes because it may be over a 1 hour commute until this is all cleared up. >> expect cooler conditions and afternoon. as we take a live look at the tam. '50s and everywhere else and sunshine. cooler conditions along with the cloud cover will come back as we head into the afternoon traffic. >> following a development
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story from this morning. a fatal shooting that happened early this morning on mission boulevard and tennyson road. this incident happened in two locations. this happened at the dirty bird launch. officers are still on the scene and a ccrime lab is now on the scene. they received a phone call about 12:45 p.m. they came out and check everything out with the person had left the scene. this is tennyson and mission. both of these areas have been shut down. bob
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officers tried to follow a car but the suspects spotted the police and he went into reverse and officers opened fire because they were threatened. these officers have been placed on administrative leave due to this. we understand that the publiwe will try to talk to bob officers life when we continue. here is that some headlights coming my wa
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>> police are investigating a fatal accidenshooting in anti. when we arrived we found a 30 year-old male that was already deceased. we do not have more information at this time. we have not came out with any leads at this time. this investigation still is ongoing and they're asking for the public to give them a call if they have any information. >> detectives arrested a principle where he had arranged to meet the school disn
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unpaid leave and they still do not believe that he sold any drugs to kids or two parents. >> we will tell you how many iphone 5 that apple sold.
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>> and welcome back to kron 4. the chp is on the scene of a major crime incident. westbound 580 is backed up to the optima past way. it is now 52 minutes from optima past way. this is an area to avoid. >> let's take a look to what we're watching here. the dow is falling. the dow jones industrial average. united healthcare has been added. the big news with apple is stated that they sold 5
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million iphone spirited apple's stock is getting hammered. there was a riot at this fox plant in china. kraft has been dropped from the dow 30. health care is becoming more important than kraft food. >> here is a list of the best information on how to make a decision on which health care to have. there are 904 plans that are available. the number one ranked private plan was harvard pill plan. kaiser is the best. hmos and pp those
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off showed improvements. >> here's a quick look outside this is south down 680. we have a complete closure for the southbound lane. we will be following this.
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>> welcome back to kron 4. a fatal accident occurring in their early morning when a pedestrian was killed. we will show you live pictures from the sing. the traffic that you see moving through here is only the traffic that was backed up due to the scene of the accident. the freeway is still shut down. the closure is in place at the 580 interchange. the same as
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true for southbound 680. it is backed up through. this is where we see the biggest back up here is that 680 all the way to the 2 05 interchange. the drive time is 52 minutes to but it is climbing to be over a one hour drive. >> looking at other traffic. we are starting to see it as a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. as san mateo bridge we are going to see this as being problem free.
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now a check of the where weather. >> we are focusing our attention due to some fog around the area. we do have some low fall ahead. there are no issues of visibility here this ability has improved here. future cast for s current conditions at fifties wide spread it. it is a little bit chilly. week reportedly have upper '40's
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the 60s along the coastline. although born statues the fields and were all the '80s will bwell see '80e valleys. with this antioch's at 63. walnut creek is said 80. it cloudy conditions are currently in the north bay upper 70's. wntows coming in at about mid '60s. 83 is reported for napa. it
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will be quiet for tuesday and wednesday. we would jump into the low 90s by thursday. temperatures will be a little bit warmer than normal for saturday and sunday. >> a criminal investigation from the epa is taking place at a chevron refinery. the san francisco chronicle is reporting that a pipe inside of the chevron refinery was found. the air district regulates the admission. in the event of
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an emergency the refinery will bypass and go ahead and flair those. investigators want to know who was aware of the bypass and whether it was used to deceive regulations. >> we have thousands of residents in the area who were hospitalized for toxic waste. while some slight relief at the pump for everyone. here in the bay area drivers are still pained the most for gas. that average gas price for san francisco's $4.25. all
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of these prices are down about a penny from yesterday. >> as severely ill patient is fighting a respiratory virus. it is a severe respiratory condition. this person travel to saudi arabia and it is the same as to how someone died earlier. the company that makes the iphone 5 the stating that a fight broke out due to a private managed dorm in northern china. they say that it took 10 hours to get the fire under control.
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we're going to take a break it is now 6:21 a.m.. we will have your headlines and for a check the weather when we return. finally carpet cleaning got easier.
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>> the chp is trying to clear up the traffic. was found 581 to 680 south brown. it looks as though they are minutes away for a full opening of the freeway. there was a fatal pedestrian accident that not only closed down the freeway but also close down all the lanes. >> scientists say that they have matched breast cancer. researchers found that for classis of breast cancer exist. there stating that is due to the same as ovarian cancer. the type of breast
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cancer may be subject to the same drugs is used for all very ancaster. they are focusing on the tumors rather than where the cancer arrived. >> help may soon be on the way. they are trying to make it easier for people to qualify for credit cards. the new proposed rules this schedule when congress resumes in november. here is a complete closure of the southbound lanes due to a major accident this morning.
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>> do not forget that wall street is to ring the bell and a few minutes. that will track the numbers as they come man. in. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company
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that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. times are tough. our state's going through a tough time. but we can fix it. ♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars
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with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪ >> nasdaq is down by four. watching apple 5 million iphone 5 swerves sold. iwill be following the next with apple and a few minutes. >> let's get back to the traffic. have we learned anything new?. we are
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watching as the chp kicked all the flares to the curve. they have now cleared the roadway. but there are still a few cones that are blocking the lanes. this is interstate 680 in the south bond direction. backing up the traffic all the way to the dublin interchange. especially affecting the drive on westbound 580 because hole connector ramp was shut down. take a look at the back up now and. the back up now is that 56 minutes.
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>> and good morning as we take a live look at the roof cam outside. we do have cloud cover to talk about. the cloud cover will not hang on for much longer. as we take a look at the head line with the weather. tomorrow it looks like we will gain a few degrees. temperatures will climb into the '90s and we will have details on how your weekend will look. >> welcome back to our development story that we have been watching. this is a location. the shooting took place at about two locations. the first location was the dirty bird
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lounge. officers are still on the same period a customer was shot here about 12:56 p.m.. this is the other location about a quarter mile north. this is the mission and tennyson. the suspect had just left the lounge and then they spotted his car when they tried to pull him over. the driver put his car in reverse and started going backwards. the officers felt threatened for their lives and it opened up fire. officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. one customer was hit and he was sent to the hospital where he was then released. however from the video that we showed you at
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mission and tennyson that scene is going to be shut down for about another hour because this is where the suspect died. >> decision 2012 news. the gallup poll shows that of voters' trust president obama with the health care. some swing voters feel that this may we can oppose all together. both president obama and mitt romney made shots at each other over the weekend. i know that you heard the president say
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something unusual. he said that he could not fix washington from the inside and that it could only be done from the outside. romney has a another. he talked about a airport landing that his wife was forced to take. i appreciate the fact that she is on the ground safe and sound. i do not think that she knows how worried some of us were. when you have a fire in an aircraft you really do not have any place to go. the windows of do not open and and it is a real problem.
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she was choking and rubbing her eyes but it was a enough oxygen for them to make a safe landing. >> mitt romney told voters that he did not have to worry about some of them because they were going to vote for president obama anyway. the obama administration have a new ad that will be taking place. let's take a look at the new at.dd. well meanwhile mitt romney is responding to this ad. he is stating that all of these attacks have been made personal.
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>> a new book about a series of gaffes and misstatements during perry's. he cannot remember all of the three agencies. back surgery in july of 20 and 11 the realm of his physical activities. we are taking a break now at 6:36 a.m.. we will have a another of day from erica in a few minutes.
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>> and welcome back to kron 4. although the lanes are now open up due to near the three hours after a pedestrian was killed. the traffic was backed up on 680 south bond all the with how costa. the drive time continues to be at 58 minutes. i will have a complete traffic check in a few minutes. >> jerry brown is now sign a new legislation. these will go into effect on january
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1st. bird control only be able to be signed. their new breast tissue prevention. women with these tissues will now be notified and will be able to go on for further testing. the san bruno gas explosion. that will now have to set up regulations just like gas cos. whether or not the bench things are reached. it limo drivers were only been charged but not chartered bus drivers. people under 21 will have to
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have a chaperone. a chaperoned or buster will be able to face misdemeanor charges. >> the wild fires are burning and californian have destroyed at least four homes. on this map you can see them burning. almost 200 homes are threatened. it is that a they have aircraft dropping. their work in a 90 degree heat. the fire is about 40 percent contained. some 80 homes have been evacuated because of a fire that started yesterday afternoon.
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this fire has burned a least 17 a. along the border. we will take a break now the time is a 6:43 a.m..
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>> iback the 580 interchange just moments ago reopen. the traffic has now been still badlysphere looking at the traffic maps you see that their ride is now back of all the way to the 205580 intersection. the drive time
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is now 64 minutes. this is our hot spot and a quick check at the bridges show at 80 westmount is backed up but it is not as bad. for your golden gate bridge ride 101 southbound looks good as you head through from. >> as we take a live look at the web cam. it is a cloudy starred for the day. it just depends on where you are. we will see at clearing through without 11:00 hour or. 51 currently for san mateo. as we check out futurecast for it will be about six days and maybe 80's by lunchtime
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as we push the clock to the afternoon high about 3:00 p.m. it will be a little wide spread. we do have potential for a decent and the south bay. seven days for the most part and 78 in cupertino. we have 84 in-and 83 for danville. it looks like upper 60s for those and palomino. it looks like downtown san for cisco will be a little bit cooler. we are in the low 70's but a high in the low 60s. there
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will be some changes for tuesday and wednesday. sunny conditions and partly cloudy skies for the after known. we will see '90s for later on this week. >> let's keep our eyes on wall street. joining us as our financial adviser. the nasdaq is about double. apple is about up 10 shares. apple sold about 5 million phones within three days. but this is not counting all of the phones that are in the mail. some people sathe phoa
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little bit cheaper to make them a lot of people think. one more thing to notice that people who do have the iphone 5 are comparing its speed to the old phone. 4 g is much better than 3 g. there was a riot at a plant in china. 5000 police had to come man. is this the reason why the stock went down? the phone is very easy to be scratched and china is having some major labor problems. for right now we do not know whether or not they will have to put the iphone 510..
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>> new homes are selling very well. tried to buy a foreclosed home from the bank is very difficult. we had really good numbers coming out. you get the feeling that next year this time you will have more confidence that the housing market will be back up. housing is about location, location. a lot of pemost of the buyers will come out to let you know what their direction is. she has
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offered free food to workers and tconsumers and to workers. this is the fifth day that we have had negative numbers. the quarter is starting 10 and there are four quarters within a year. there is a lot of bad news out in your. we would checkback with rock with winners and losers. >> kron 4 is giving you the best seat to watch all of the exciting sports news. we will bring you all the sights and sounds and
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action. we will be back witwhen we come back will have more headlines. as we glanced back at downtown san francisco. san francisco city office about a little cloudy. we will be back with more news and a few minutes.
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♪ most paints have color that sits on the surface. but nothing beats benjamin moore's color lock technology that locks color right in,
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no matter how often you wash it. color lock technology. exclusively from your benjamin moore retailer. win a design consultation with me, candice olson, at >> welcome back the modern family picked up four emmys and a row. the new terrorism thriller won also for trophies. the amazing race added a another trophy for being the most watched
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program. mad men have been hot up until this year they had 17 nominations but they did not win one single award. >> green bay's lead singer is getting help for substance abuse. that happened friday on the i heart music festival. the band stayed on there website that it was not cut short but they would apologize for anyone who was offended. >> let's take a break coming back at 7:00 a.m. we will talk about the fatal truck crascrash. this will be a big weekend for bay area sports.
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